Artificial intelligence (AI) is seen as a technology that could revolutionize medicine by diagnosing and solving complex medical problems. Even before reaching this ideal, AI is already benefiting the medical field by handling repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up valuable resources for critical medical activities.

A prime example is Medicai, a Romanian medtech start-up founded by Mircea Popa. Medicai’s cloud-based platform (PACS) enables the storage and sharing of medical images without traditional CDs. Images from CT scans, MRIs, ultrasounds, and other imaging techniques are stored in the DICOM format (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) and can be accessed online from any device using an integrated DICOM Viewer. This platform enhances multidisciplinary collaboration among doctors and improves communication between doctors and patients, thereby boosting the quality and speed of medical care.

Medicai has recently added a new feature called “AI Co-Pilot” to its DICOM Viewer. This feature aims to optimize radiologists’ workflows by minimizing the time spent on dictating and drafting medical reports. Radiologists often spend a considerable amount of time analyzing images and preparing reports. AI Co-Pilot assists by automating these processes, listening, and completing reports in real-time.

With AI Co-Pilot, the need for extensive dictation is significantly reduced, saving time and increasing the number of reports completed. This digital assistant also corrects reports to minimize errors, ensuring higher accuracy. At the end of an investigation, AI Co-Pilot generates a PDF report ready for review and printing with just a few clicks.

In an interview with, Mircea Popa emphasized that the future of medicine will focus on a personalized approach, where each patient is treated uniquely, requiring special attention and dedicated care. AI will play a crucial role in this future by facilitating the adoption of new solutions and creating optimized workflows to help doctors manage cases more efficiently.

Medicai collaborates with numerous public hospitals and private health networks in Romania and has clients in the USA and the UK. This global presence shows that Medicai’s innovations are well-received and can significantly benefit various healthcare systems.

Medicai’s AI Co-Pilot is a significant advancement in radiology, merging advanced AI capabilities with the practical needs of medical professionals. By reducing administrative tasks and enhancing report accuracy, this tool allows radiologists to focus more on direct patient care, leading to better health outcomes. Adopting AI Co-Pilot is a step toward the future of radiology, where efficiency, accuracy, and direct patient care are paramount.