The Blue Cruise, an ideal holiday option for those who want to enjoy being one with the sea, is a Yacht charter Turkey journey along Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. In this article, we’ll discuss what the Blue Cruise is, the weekly boat rental process, popular routes, what to pack, and tips to make this unique experience even more enjoyable.

What is the Blue Cruise?

The Blue Cruise is a sea journey typically made with traditional Turkish boats called gulets, sailing in the turquoise waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean, among serene coves and ancient ruins. These cruises are perfect for those who want to connect with nature, enjoy the sea, and have a peaceful holiday. The Blue Cruise is an ideal vacation for relaxing, discovering new places, and enjoying the sea.

Weekly Boat Rental Process

1. Boat Selection

Different types of boats can be rented for the Blue Cruise. When making a choice, the size of your group, your comfort expectations, and your budget are important factors.


Gulets are large, wooden, traditional Turkish boats. They typically accommodate 6-16 people and offer a comfortable and relaxing journey. The advantages of gulets include spacious living areas, comfortable cabins, and usually a fully equipped crew.

Motor Yachts

Motor yachts are a faster and more luxurious option. They may have a smaller passenger capacity but can travel faster. Advantages of motor yachts include high speed, modern comfort, and usually luxurious interiors.

Sailing Yachts

Sailing yachts are ideal for those who love sailing. They provide a quiet and eco-friendly journey with the help of the wind. Advantages of sailing yachts include low fuel costs, being environmentally friendly, and offering a quiet travel experience.

2. Reservation

You can make reservations through boat rental companies. Especially during the summer months, early booking is recommended due to high demand. When making a reservation, it is important to get information about the boat’s capacity, crew status, food and beverage options, and additional services.

3. Route Planning

When determining your route, you should consider the places you want to see and your activity preferences. Popular Blue Cruise routes include Fethiye – Göcek, Marmaris – Datça, and Bodrum – Gökova Gulf.

4. What to Pack


Light and comfortable clothes, swimwear, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.


Soft-soled shoes for use on the boat and comfortable walking shoes for exploring on land.

Personal Needs

Medications, hygiene products, and personal care items.


Phone, camera, and chargers. Check in advance if there is internet on the boat.

Popular Blue Cruise Routes

1. Fethiye – Göcek Route

Starting from Fethiye, you can follow a route towards the beautiful bays of Göcek. Along this route, there are stunning stops like Ölüdeniz, Butterfly Valley, Gemiler Island, and Tersane Island. This route is particularly great for diving and swimming enthusiasts.

Stops and Activities

Ölüdeniz: A world-famous blue lagoon. Perfect for swimming and water sports.

Butterfly Valley: Ideal for nature walks and camping. Hosts more than 80 species of butterflies.

Gemiler Island: Historical ruins and excellent diving spots.

Tersane Island: Known for its old shipyard and underwater ruins.

2. Marmaris – Datça Route

This route, starting from Marmaris, progresses along the Hisarönü Gulf and Datça Peninsula. You can explore historical and natural beauties such as Bozburun, Selimiye, and the ancient city of Knidos. Additionally, Datça’s unique almond trees and tranquil beaches are worth seeing.

Stops and Activities

Hisarönü Gulf: Quiet coves and fishing villages.

Bozburun: One of the centers for gulet construction, calm and peaceful.

Selimiye: A picturesque fishing village with great restaurants and beaches.

Knidos: An ancient city, perfect for walks steeped in history.

3. Bodrum – Gökova Gulf Route

Starting from Bodrum, this route progresses in the turquoise waters of Gökova Gulf. You can visit popular stops like Orak Island, Cleopatra Island, and Seven Islands. This route is ideal for both nature lovers and history enthusiasts.

Stops and Activities

Orak Island: Crystal clear waters and excellent diving spots.

Cleopatra Island: The legendary beach of Cleopatra with fine golden sand.

Seven Islands: A perfect area for snorkeling and diving.

Blue Cruise Tips

Early Reservation

It is advantageous in terms of both boat options and prices.

Communication with the Crew

The boat crew plays an important role in ensuring your trip goes smoothly. Good communication ensures your expectations are met.

Be Flexible

Changes in your route may occur due to weather conditions and sea status. Be flexible and understanding.

Local Flavors

In addition to the meals provided by the boat, don’t forget to try the local flavors in the coves you visit.

Environmental Awareness

Pay attention to waste management to protect the sea and nature. Be mindful not to harm natural areas.

The Blue Cruise offers a serene and adventurous holiday experience intertwined with the sea. With proper planning and preparation, you can make this unique experience unforgettable. A Blue Cruise along Turkey’s stunning coasts will refresh both your body and soul, providing you with a week full of new discoveries and memories.

This detailed guide will help you plan your Blue Cruise and ensure you have a fantastic experience. Happy sailing!